A Reason to Write

A focus on Mankind. A spiritual beast, aware, and yet so afraid to accept a crippling bent in the unlikely control of chaos.

 And so, here we stand, holding up skies with trembling legs and tears in eyes

until a new day finds us amongst newer stars, or an Earth in-blossom embraces first.

We may yet save ourselves

Earths and the dying stars.

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Twenty First Tribe

What Gives?


Heads up to a great mental health charity called Poets-In. Growing quickly, this group of writers and poets are making a big difference in helping those with mental health issue’s.

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We are at a crossroads where the impact of mankind upon his environment has to change dramatically for the better. Some of my written pieces, whether Blogs, Novels, Novellas, Short stories, Poetry or just my posts on Facebook include matters of the environment.

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