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Balanced Emotions?

 Emotions and Balance A weight off my mind    What is the percentage of our love? Who would even want to try and measure it? People do though, people can’t help it, and the more I think about it the more I seem to realise that the system they have in...

Who Put the I in Responsibility

Who Put the I in Response-ability Are we really responsible for our own mental-health? Let’s take a squint   Back In 2017, during a once yearly gathering of mindful, yet still very human, friends, colleagues and strangers, I was listening to one of the convention’s speakers who was quietly reminding...

Fuck the Cat said the Dog

Fuck the cat said the dog An opening to a larger understanding of the whole closed box     Schrodinger’s cat is just a flappy bag of conjecture that sticks in the throat of any enlightened person trying to swallow its truth, “as much” said the choking man, “as believing...