Artwork and the artists

The artworks on this websites pages have all been chosen for their relevance to my written work, but each holds a beauty that resonates with me personally and gives me pleasure to include on my site.

Permissions for artwork have been sought where possible with permissions given, However there are some works for which I have not received reply’s from the artist.

As such if you are the artist or owner of the rights to any of these artworks then please contact me and I will add credit or remove them as required.

Thank you




Artist: Even Liu Wai Yip

Resident: Hong Kong


Artist: Mikella

Resident: unknown


Artist: Unknown


Artist: Stefan Keller

Artist: Unknown

Contact: via- willows dark chest of wonders

Artist: Vladimir Kush

Resident: Hawaii

Artist: Maxim Mitenkov

Resident: Belarus

Artist: Unknown

Contact: via- Willows Dark Chest of Wonders

Artist: Unknown

Contact: via- Willows dark chest of wonders