A blog of gathered dust, left at the cleaner’s mercy

Now if the cleaner’s mercy hadn’t existed at the corner of the rubble filled track, the one leading onto the ring road next to the moody hen pub, where couples often pull up in their cars and check their flies, hair and makeup, making sure they look less ruffled after fucking or being fucked. You know the spot?

If the cleaner’s mercy hadn’t existed, the giver of truth wouldn’t have had the perfect place to hide his equipment, wouldn’t have been able to start and keep a record of that which gave a moment of clarity to a journey less than fine. A journey that would take a lifetime to uncover…but not that of the cleaner.

In the interest of catching mankind with his flies down or with a hair out of place whilst so busy desperately projecting a life of perfection unto the cosmos.

Our Trashed Environment

Our environment is being trashed by us and it's time we took back control. Let’s not kid ourselves, we have the choice to say no, we always have had, and always will. It just seems people want an easy life, don’t they? Actually, I'm talking to you, I'm including me...
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Balanced Emotions?

 Emotions and Balance A weight off my mind    What is the percentage of our love? Who would even want to try and measure it? People do though, people can’t help it, and the more I think about it the more I seem to realise that the system they have in...
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Who Put the I in Responsibility

Who Put the I in Response-ability Are we really responsible for our own mental-health? Let’s take a squint   Back In 2017, during a once yearly gathering of mindful, yet still very human, friends, colleagues and strangers, I was listening to one of the convention’s speakers who was quietly reminding...
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