Genre: Sci-Fi-Cyberpunk -Thriller
release date: April 2020
Free Dominium

The hourglass of humanity will soon be turned, its sands forever renewed. Yet as the sand runs out, in a moment ready to be replaced by a new and yet different flow, mankind may blink. 

It is within this enlightened moment that man may find his Free Dominion.

Having exited the landing platform she made her way to the elevator tower and keyed her way into the singular designation hallway that offered private lifts to the higher Prime residents . Security was non existent, Setty had seen to that upon leaving the estate. The transports arrival protocol had been levelled flat,  telling of a grounded craft and zero air traffic infringement; a trick shown to her by Hayer upon his early departure from a Prime-ascension dinner-celebration many years earlier. It was of no surprise to Setty that his departure that day was seen by all as acceptable rather than rude, it was her mind that had shifted to a fault. Twenty-one years on and her viewpoint  hadn’t wavered.

 A ringing clipping sound resonated in the broken silence as her long and invisibly thin stiletto heals rang around the halls unforgiving walls. A clip followed by the next. She contemplated as she walked, finding the words that if truly found by her old friends ear could perhaps hasten their escape. 

As Setty finished forging her words to mind, her feet fell at the entrance to Anime’s elevator. She stopped dead still in front before holding her palm up to rest on the head of a large serpent who’s head had been carved into the cold stone. ‘Ouroboros’ She spoke softly to herself, almost an incantation as she ran her hand around the ancient symbol. ‘The all is one.’ The symbol of immortality, the snake engorging its own tail had been adopted by Casha having perfected the art of Persona-Actuated Cloning, her name Anime, had as such been given by way of legend. The stone felt hard and unforgiving under hand and the inviting polish had done nothing to steal its nature, whether stone or designation. Setty felt a growing fear. Please be here my old friend.

A door silently opened, an outer cylinder turning to a fault and revealing an inner core. Setty stepped inside, her heels clicked on a new even harder material. Inside it was warmer and as the door closed a scent puffed into the void sending calming messages to an ever busier cerebral Setty. She breathed in the airborne mist slowly, calmed almost immediately but not without concern for her faculties. The ride down took moments and with a soft swish the cylinder opened exposing her to a bright but yellowed light. She immediately recognised it as the light from the sun in her earlier dream, the same as that from the film role, the girl, the dog and the village. She tentatively stepped from the elevator and found her heels were oddly quiet on the stone floor. What was being sensed, was purely that which was being allowed, it was as if she’d been hacked, Setty; the mind. 

The arched stone recess in which she found herself stood felt warm and comforting and although two routes extended away from her position Setty followed the route being laid out in perfectly tailored sensory crumbs. The warm light seemingly emanating from nowhere played on her emotion, tugging her further into the waking dream, music played, light in tone, like dancing, gracefully flowing, like sleeping, growing; the pure essence of being alive. She walked on, held within the walls of a tall, stone-clad corridor, the bliss curved invitingly outward growing in width as it progressed, finally delivering her to a very grand and vaulted room. As she traversed the rooms leading edge a vast twenty-meter tall glassed wall came into view that looked out to an organic wonder beyond. Setty gasped at the sight. Framed by the stunning man-made environment, Natures Breath. The valley of the city suddenly became as a painting, swaying and flowing in a light breeze and warmed by a synthesised sun. She held herself to the glass for a moment, hypnotised by the sensual enveloping, that was now, as a waft of a wand, slowly dissipating. As she stared into the space, beyond the window of her world, an eddy of fear, a loss grasped the moment; despair took hold and tears started to flow.

‘It’s a marvel is it not?’ A deep and old but feminine voice found Setty’s crying mind aghast at her loss of control. ‘The mind is elastic, like nothing devised by man and yet we snip its edges, funnel and strain, decimate and incarcerate it.’ The echo of her older friend Casha’s voice died on the stone walls as Setty felt her tears drying in the same light that had only moment ago filled her with bliss. 

‘You did that to me? Why?’ Setty kept her gaze to the valley outside. The fear was now depleted and she had come back to herself.

‘I could say because I love you.’

‘Setty turned around to find a radiant and relaxed looking Casha standing holding a paint spattered artists palette and standing with one foot up on a low wooden three legged stool. Her mouth opened but her mind, unwilling to offer anything apt, instructed her mouth to close again.

‘I could also say because I wanted to torture you,’ Casha put the palette down on the stools accompanying table, ‘but neither would be true.’ Her hair, white blond in the bright but now fading light was as long as Setty had ever seen it. Casha always hated to cut her hair. Her features remained subtle, a beauty that without the filter of youth still remained. A loose robe covered her from head to toe and revealed nothing of the tall but aged body within, nothing other than a broken flow of movement as her old friend shifted position and stepped away from the stool toward her. Setty stood motionless and watched as Casha bent down to tie on a pair of leather slides, her hair tumbling in rivers to the floor. Casha whilst standing again gathered it into a pony tail, spun it to a knot and pushed a large paintbrush through, pinning it in place. ‘You watch me like I am a ghost Setty, am I?’

‘A ghost? No. I just haven’t seen you for a long time. You’re, well, different is all.’ She suddenly felt awkward, her clothes, her demeanour, even just being felt contrived. ‘Casha, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be here.’

‘Nonsense!’ Casha walked quickly towards her beaconing for Setty to meet her half way. She did. They met and embraced, Setty felt a relief and a weight fled her shoulders, ‘You were fully scanned and gened. Your data was hooked by the fishing devices within the elevator and you were sent on a journey by the puff of scent.’ Her breath was warm on Setty’s neck and in the pause that followed Setty knew that her friend was waiting for an intelligent response.

‘I did that to me.’ Setty realised that they were only her feelings and nothing more.

‘Intoxicating isn’t it. Security my darling, there is nothing more efficient than having someone lock themselves up. Besides, it’s a therapeutic recovery even if only lightly brushed by its effects, you’ll see.’ Casha had released Setty and was walking back toward the large easel and the hidden painting it supported.

Genre: Sci-Fi-near future
release date: 2021
The Karma of Kuzushi

Earth is slowly recovering from a brief yet disastrous period of climate change. Essence, a Neo-Tribal way of living has been embraced by the majority of the worlds states with the last remaining corporation, ‘Tella’, aligning themselves adversely, ready to re-structure the last thread of  Neo Capitalism.

Having lost the majority of humanity, murder is as lost to the memory of the survivors as the memory of Earths stable environment, and so when Larry, (a new all seeing tribal member) is tasked in discovering the truth behind an accident that killed their governing essence Janna Kathmina, the last thing he expects is to discover that her death was really no accident.

I stopped shivering about an hour ago, I removed the third C-3 spinal recording-leach and have since attached this one stowing the third recording away. It’s the eighth that I haven’t uploaded, this going directly against protocol. It seems wise for now. 

The new leach’s tear off strip rested on the floor of the wet room for a few seconds before I picked it up. It seems Serina has had a lasting effect on me. It’s biodegradable, rapidly so in water, yet I couldn’t let rest on the floor that long. I watch as the thin, long, oval-shaped and see-through strip buckles and twists in my hand, the heat of which along with the water droplets slowly turns it to gel, finally it disappears whereas the memory of my transgressions doesn’t.

“Do you remember where Lars?” Helen likes to call me Lars instead of Larry. She’s just come down from the sky room above me.

My mind catches up “I think so, Yes. It’s just passed the site of the tower, the one that fell ten years ago, you know? The towns rubble edges, the cut through from my ledge.” My unkempt eyebrows do nothing to keep the soap from my eyes as I sit under the flow of water. The shower’s warm and the last of the mud has already washed clockwise down the plughole to meet the showers recycling tanks. They’ll be separating out everything including the chemical coders found in the tear off strip along with soil from leaf and blood from my selfishly salted tears.

“Can I come in?”

“Bring a towel” I stand up from sitting on the low stool turn around and she’s there in front of me. I didn’t expect her to have one so quick. She’s already checked me out, no preparing for that one then. “I’m not sure that towels big enough.” She laughs and throws it at my chest. I catch it and try to break a smile, It must look like my face just cracked.

“She slipped!” Helen’s eye’s tell of the finality of her statement, “now just watch you don’t” she points at a pool of cuttle-soap forming on the floor near my feet, the dispenser still churning it out as my glasses hang in front of its sensor.

“Shit!” I nearly slip in rescuing her rations. My glasses still need straightening from the fall, I have to put them on to see properly and upon exiting the room with the large towel around my waist  they steam up. I sigh whilst lifting them to gain my bearings. “ She could have been pushed, or killed and thrown down the track…thrown down the track’s more likely.”

Helen’s pretty and shapely, jet black hair and she walks with conviction, I stagger and fumble but manage to hold my own in a small crowd. Anything too big and I get lost to the eye, nothing special stands out. Her stack home is well kept and clean, it smells of spice and rice and protein cards. The fact she hasn’t answered me tells of the fact she can’t imagine Serina being murdered. I try again. “It wouldn’t take m…”

“Leave it Larry, sit down and fill that hole” she points at the chair, the hole’s my mouth.

“Fine” I sit and pull over the poised table monitor, its imagery and information flow limited to guided meditation and personal feedback logs. “Has there been any news?”

Turning from the small prep area the light from the nutrient enhancing bulbs refract from her eyes, they’re angry but calming. “No news, not really, the second tier Lancer-tribes informer read a statement from the Tella world-story team. They said that the catamaran hadn’t been piloted remotely, there was no evidence to say it wasn’t a runaway,” She pauses in seeing my face distort, ”Murder Lars, it’s just not likely, not even remotely, Who? Who would even want to, Why?”

“Both questions I’m trying to answer Helen, I will answer them.”

“ You might but they might not be the answers you’re looking for. Besides if you were right, and I’m not even considering that yet, who would you tell?” Her hair shimmies in waves, her head shaking, adamant and not requiring a reply. “Not Strutting Bull, not any tribe, they’d laugh, I’m laughing now.” She shakes her head harder her face thrust toward mine wearing a toothed soundless laugh. Its slightly intimidating rather than fun and I feel the need for silence as she turns back to prep.

After a few moments of staring at the flashing light on the fridges charging pod I breath out a question whilst bent over, using the corner of my towel to dry my foot “I know she was a friend…of types”

“Of types” she stops what she’s doing, puts a knife down on the side and looks to the long, slim, slotted  windows that rise into the vaulted section of the stack house way above our heads. “ I was a Tella because I knew how to tell Lars.

Genre: Sci-Fi-invasion opera
release date: 2022
The Dreamstealer

Two men, three journeys, one conclusion

Book 1 of the Dimensional Drift Series

A desperate man is transported to a dying Earth to help save it from military destruction. He arrives not knowing where or who he is.

Found by an extraordinary alien and hounded by an unknown entity he learns of a very human journey that ends in catastrophe. Can the lessons of the past help him save humanity now and can he accept that events have changed him, never to be the same again. 

Are we only ever destined to be one of a kind.

Scarlett’s eye was fixed on her first real time image of the alien tech. It was almost in true sight. Thirty-one yearsand yet devoid of any one-on-one contact with the focus of her life’s work. She’d just arrived from her sleeping quarters having been alerted by the Lieutenant on watch, had been drawn in by what she’d seen on the screen and had walked passed the lieutenant, completely forgetting to introduce herself.

‘Wow…it is odd’ She’d breathed her comment on an exhale a personal expression. It was overheard.

‘It was never abbreviated to express the nature of its visual appearance you know… ODD.’ The Lieutenant, Alison, flicked through the screen functions sending final procedures to the limited crew. Hunched over the terminal, lanky and thin from 0-g muscle fatigue Alison looked ungainly to Scarlett, almost as odd as the Other Dimension Device that had been the source of her comment. Scarlett was not in the mood for pedantic comments, not whilst allowing herself emotional freedom during this rare encounter. This lieutenant had a reputation for being aloof, at least according to non-military personnel. She reacted.

‘That’s hardly the point Lieutenant.’

‘Well for me it is…it makes no sense to describe it as such, really…what’s odd about it?’ Said Alison

‘For one, the way it spins. There’s no reason for it to do that. not that we’ve deciphered to date.’

Scarlett was still staring through the habitat window, waiting for the device to come into view, switching her focus between that and the pop screen that was showing the blown-up real-time image.

Alison felt the impatience in Scarlett, famous or not she was bridging on rude. ‘We’ve another thirty-five minutes you know, before it comes into eye view. You won’t see much through there anyway.’ Alison still hunched passed a hand-held screen to Scarlett, ‘And I wasn’t being pedantic. The reason it spins is to make it visible from other dimensions.’ She smiled a friendly smile and punched in a flow readout that lit up Scarlett’s display.

Open mouthed Scarlett turned to Alison ‘You have got to be kidding me.’

‘No kidding, it’s amazing what the military have known and not made real use of. They’re kinda dumb sometimes.’

‘How long have you known, I mean this is bloody typical’

‘Five years…almost, give or take a few days.’ Alison walked over to the command console and tapped in a ship alert command, ‘I wanted to tell everyone when we discovered it, and we should have, but as per orders the military wanted to learn how to use the dimension blade first.’

‘What dimension blade?’ declared Scarlett aghast.

Alison laughed and keyed in a ship’s com-link, ‘fifty-three minutes to contact…’ the speakers could be heard echoing in the loading bay, its com-link open and feeding back to the command deck, ‘ODD looking shit coming up!’ Alison switched the com link off and scratched her head whilst smiling at Scarlett ‘What wand?’ she shook her head ‘They really didn’t tell you anything did they?’

‘Fucking bastards’ huffed Scarlett.

A door seal puffed and the Sundance2’s Captain walked in. ‘I hope you’re playing nice Alison, Scarlett here is the real deal you know.’ He unzipped his overall’s

‘You know I play nice captain’ Alison replied.

Scarlett watched him removing his backpack throwing it next to the dispenser stacks, filling a cup with water and gulping it down. He was shorter than her at around six foot, maybe, with dark brown and scruffy short hair. It looked as though he might smile a lot. Or at least his spider like wrinkles indicated as such.

‘Well, are we going to say hello,’ he stepped forward to shake hands, ‘Captain Steer 04000, you can call me Bubba.’ He smiled a bright smile, a dark gap between his front teeth


‘Scarlett…it’s a pleasure,’ she held firm as she shook. ‘I’m sorry, I’ve not long been awake and have just had a bit of a shock.’ She tilted her head, and enquired ‘I expected a military title, Captain.’

‘I expected you might. The military has just been part dismantled by Jessica Freya, she was appointed as tribal leader yesterday. One of the reasons for your being on this ship and of course the reason for my new tribal allocation. It really is a pleasure to finally ditch that uniform. I hate mutiny.’ He smiled again pleased at his new and inherently deserved allocation.

‘I was aware of Jessica Freya’s appointment, but no one told me the military had finally fallen,’ Scarlett turned her hand-held screen around and lifted it up to the Captain’s gaze, ‘No one told me about this either…Captain?’ The screen held schematic images and a title. Dimensional drift waves.

‘Look, I’m not your enemy Scarlett, the military thought that they were doing the right thing. To be honest they achieved plenty, but sending military guns down to the surface rather than using a first contact Tribal allocation was a big mistake. There’s plenty you’re going to learn here, and quickly. I’m sorry you’re having to play catch up.’

‘I’m sorry too, I could have helped’ said Scarlett.

‘Like I say, you’re the real deal, I know you can help…according to science Base1 you’re the best.’

Scarlett felt pride colour her cheeks ‘Thanks, I’ll give it a go.’ She walked to the window, charmer.

From here, Earth was visible, a partial sphere in the window rushing past periodically as the habitat spun, the gravity it created holding Scarlett fixed to the floor, but far from grounded. She hadn’t spent much time in space.

Although there were still parts of Earth that looked normal, they were few, with at least sixty-percent now covered in the toxic mass. She could see the continents and could just make out the large individual massive shields that the ODD had rained down upon them.

What the hell is happening down there?


‘They’re phased dimensional shields.’ Said Bubba making Scarlett jump.

‘Phased dimensional shields…Shit…why weren’t we told,’ she felt useless ‘this changes everything.’ Scarlett said

‘It did change everything, the military worked out how to use it…They’ve sent military down there you know?’ Said Bubba

‘What the hell…when?’

‘Five years ago… ish’ Alison joined the discussion she had a wrist tank and strap in her hand; Strapped to the wrist the bullet shaped pressurized tank offered the wearer an oxygen rich breathing device laced with Vapor-tech drugs. Each was different, some medicinal, most rare. Alison offered it to Scarlett who raised her eyebrows.

‘Fresh,’ Alison said ‘and your miles from anyone, on a ship of mutineers’ She lifted the nasal hood up to Scarlett’s face.

‘Fuck it,’ Scarlett took the tank ‘I could do with the boost. Thanks Alison, it’s a pleasure to meet you too.’

Bubba and Alison nodded at each other and laughed.

‘Best get your gear together we’ll be boarding it in about two hours. The ODD’s completing a spin period. It’ll stop for about 2 hours.’ Alison patted Bubba on the back ‘and you’re going to have to hold the fort.’

‘More than happy to, you won’t get me in that thing.’ Bubba rubbed his hands together, ‘Okay you two, I’m going to get cleaned up, I’ve been zipped into this gear for twelve hours. The nine of us come together for a briefing in thirty minutes…in the briefing room. Yes Mikasa?’

‘Briefing room’ repeated Alison her teeth bared, top lip crumpled

‘Mikasa?’ Scarlett said confused, her voice nasally edged through its nasal attachment, the drugs starting to liven her up.

‘It’s an Anime character from the twenty-zeros.’ Alison said; black eye’s, dark brown hair, powerful little bitch, kinda broken.’

‘And you let him call you that?’ Scarlett said aware of the mini art revival.

‘Yep. It seems Mikasa is pretty good with a knife and I did stab the Captain ten years ago when he tried it on with me once,’ she sucked air through her teeth, ‘my fault though, I was drunk, fell asleep, woke up and forgot I’d just slept with him.’

‘Ouch,’ Scarlett wrinkled her nose, turned and walked to get her things, ‘where did you stab him?’

‘Right in the captain’s quarters’ Alison looked around to see that the drugs had taken effect. Scarlett was laughing hard as she left the command room.